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I can't say enough about Benny and his guiding services! Not only did he work with me to help pull off an amazing surprise for my love but he made us feel like we were out fishing with our buddy. We pulled in some amazing fish with his help and expertise. Benny was professional, fun, prepared, and very knowledgeable! We would recommend BT Outdoors Bowfishing for any upcoming event or outing and will most definitely be back for more fun and excitement in the future! Thank you Benny!

         -Andrea Tucker

Just want to say thank you to BT Outdoors and Piney Woods Service Association for an absolute blast this weekend. The weather did not fully cooperate but we had fish all over the place and we were shooting left and right. The boat was top of the line and the captain (Benny) was on point. We took some big fish and some small but we tried to shoot them all. It was an honor to fish with the guys that keep our country free. I look forward to taking another bow fishing trip in the near future. If you are planning a bow fishing trip, I highly recommend BT Outdoors. It is the perfect setup for any skill level of shooter. Thanks again.

         -Paul Martel

"We had such a great time! Our boys are hooked! We can't wait to go again!"

             -Melissa Garza Paxon

"Great people who work their tails off to make the trips memorable. Benny knows where to go and how to introduce almost anyone to the excitement. I highly recommend going them a try!"

                   -Jeff Livin

"We had such an amazing time!!! Benny and Tyler were awesome, friendly, and hilarious guides!"

                    -Alicia Hodge

I can't thank Benny and his wife enough for the outstanding Guid trip. They are both very good people and what a great experience. If you or know anyone wanting to do some bowfishing I recommend booking a trip with them! I will be booking my future trip with them for sure. I've fished all parts of the U.S.A and this by far was the best trip in the books. Thank you again!

         -Paul Jenkins

"Always a great time, even slow nights are a blast. When the fishing is good you never want to leave!"

                      -Benjamin Allen

We have been out with BT Outdoors a few times and have a blast every time!! If your looking for a fun and productive night of bow fishing contact them and set something up.. You will not be disappointed!!!

         -Brooke Allen

Had a BLAST! Great guy, great equipment and he made sure we were taken care of! I highly recommend fishing with Benny! I'll be going out with him soon!

         -Walker Carrell-Shook

My 1st time bow fishing was with BT and what an amazing night! Couldn't find better folks and great guiding. Never a dull moment and plenty of shooting the entire time. The fact that we got a "once in a lifetime fish" made a great experience unforgettable. I can say if you are wanting to bow fish, whether you're experienced or a newbie you will be more than pleased with Bennie! Thanks again for an amazing time Bennie! I am posting a pic of the 1 that didn't get away that night.

             -Jeff Lees

Been out with them several times. It is always a good time. And they always work hard to make sure you get to shoot fish! Great guide and great time. Love the boat too!!

         -Chris-Amber Reppond

"Awesome operation! If you want to get on the fish, give these guys a call! They really work hard to give their customers the ultimate bow fishing experience!"

               -David Andrew Howard

"Fantastic experience! Highly recommend Bennie. We will have to do it again. Thank you again!"
                   -Jim Paxon IV

"Hands down could not ask for a better guide service, boat was excellent and crew were a blast, definitely recommend

                    -Cody Langford